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Auto link all recipients of an email to a deal

Here is the scenario (In Outlook Sidebar):


I get an email from a contact and with 10 people CCed in, I click in Reply to all and in Outlook  I have the option  to log that email thread to all the 11 records but it'd be great if I there was also the option to connect every recipient of that email to a Deal, without having to mannually add contacts records to a deal. Is there a way?? Or an alternative solution?

Thanks in advance

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Auto link all recipients of an email to a deal

Hi @Gizmaster,


Thanks for reaching out! 


Currently, there isn't a way to associate contacts with deals via the Outlook Extension. I would recommend upvoting this related product request in our Ideas Forum . Here are the current ways you can associate contacts with deals: 


  • Associate records via an import which identifies existing records through its deduplication process (Email or Object ID as mentioned)
  • If you have developer resources, you can also bulk associate records via API


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