Attachments in templates


I have attached for doc's to a template and the unique link that it creates is not working. Has anyone experienced this? Is there a better way to do it? 


Thanks in advance!

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Community Manager

Hi @Chuck


Are you referring to documents within your portal that you are using within a template? If so, the link that is created for you should take you to the document. 


Have you seen the Documents User Guide? This outlines all of the ways you can attach documents and insert documents. 


If the link that HubSpot is generating for you is leading to a blank page, can you send along answers to the following questions: 


1. Where are you sending the template from (within Gmail, Outlook, from the CRM)?

2. Is this happening for all documents, or just one specific document?

3. Does the document link lead to a blank page on its own, or only when inserted in the template? 

4. Are you requiring viewers to give their email address when viewing the document? 

5. Is the link leading to a blank page for everyone or just specific users?


Thank you,