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Association - Expand Data Pulled in Drop Down List

Please Help!  


We have created our own object and I am really stuck on the ability to Associate the Object with another Item.  When I choose the Association, it just lists all the Objects - just the title.  This doesn't help because our titles are not that differentiated.  They are differentiated by the next field, beling the client name.  Is there any way to expand the amount of data pulled into an Association Drop-Down Box?  For example, I want the drop down list to include the next data entry after the title - in our case being the client:  



Right now it just lists the title - We need it to list the title and then the client field next to it.  So our employees can determine the correct job to associate with the Submission.  


I greatly appreciate any help with this matter.  


Thank you very much!

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Top Contributor | Diamond Partner

Association - Expand Data Pulled in Drop Down List

Hello @CSPresson ,


Can I get a bit more detail about what you are looking to associate? 


Are you associating one object to another?  Is this a screenshot from settings?  Can you share a Loom video of what you are trying to do so that I can have more context to support you? 




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