Adding HTML elements into email template in Hubspot CRM (specifically adding table function)




As the title shows - i'm trying to add HTML into my email templates so that i can arrange images side by side instead of vertically. 

I also require to place my company logo into the footer horizontally next to my contact details.


I cant see any option to edit the email templates in a HTML editor. Is this possible at all? 


I googled around the subject and saw that it may be possible with Hubspot marketing tool, do i need to move over from using the CRM to using the marketing tool?


Thank you in advance for any suggestions.


Best wishes



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Hi @paragonpictures! As you mentioned, it is not possible to add HTML elements to emails created from the Sales tool. Sales Emails are built to be very simple and straightforward to use, and so this type of customization is not available within the tool.


As you also noted, our Marketing Email tool does offer the option to create customized HTML templates, which you can read more about in this article. You can also check out the pricing page for the Marketing product here:


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