Activity Stream not updating at beginning of the month


Hello Community! I was wondering if anyone else out there using the free CRM Hubspot has experienced this glitch. We only get 200 emails tracked per month on the free version, which is fine, but the month started again on 12/1 and it is telling me and my team that we have already surpassed the 200 limit for December. This is impossible to do on the first day of the new month and it has not corrected itself since. 


I put in a help ticket last week but have not heard back. Does anyone have any suggesstions??


Thanks in advance! 


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Hi @Evinced1, thanks for your question. It is actually possible to "max out" on your notification limit in just a couple of days; this article outlines the situations in which you might get multiple notifications for just one email. In sum, if your email is sent to multiple recipients, forwarded, or copy-pasted from a previous email, this might result in many notifications for just one outgoing email. 


In your situation, for instance, I looked at the statistics for the email address associated with your Community account. For said email address, on 12/01, you created 36 trackers (i.e. sent out 36 emails with a tracking pixel), received 171 email opens, and 178 notifications. Therefore, you came very close to exceeding your email open limit on the first day of the month. However, as you know, you will continue to receive instant notifications, though your Activity Stream won't be visible. 


I hope that this insight helps; if you'd like me to help clarify anything else, please don't hesitate to ask!


All the best,