A Way to Track Meetings


Given that many of us using meetings on landing pages as a way of engaging with potential customers/clients, it is dissapointing that there is no way to track the performance of meetings. 


For example, it would be as simple as having the meetings embed redirect people to a dedicated thankyou page

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Hi @Pipeshine


I think that's a really good idea. We enjoy using meetings and have observed an improvement as a result, but it would be great to be able to measure these as conversions in HubSpot. 


I suggest you post this over on the ideas forum


Thanks, Phil.

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Great shout @Phil_Vallender


@Pipeshine I've just seen your feature request on the Ideas Forum, thanks for posting! For any who find this thread and want to comment/vote on the feature you can do so here: https://community.hubspot.com/t5/HubSpot-Ideas/A-Way-to-Track-Meetings/idi-p/17183