A New Look for Quotes

HubSpot Product Team

On July 16, 2019, HubSpot released a refreshed design for quotes. 


The new look features: 

  • Consistent font-sizing
  • Left and right side justification (vs. center alignment)
  • A new location for the “Download quote” and “Print quote” buttons
  • A new location for "Comments"


We understand that this change has a significant impact on both our customers and the customers you serve. As we look to further improve the look-and-feel of quotes, we’d love to hear your feedback.  


Please share any thoughts, feedback, or concerns in the thread below.

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Thanks for sharing this update @ebeck. I'm loving the power and potential of the quotes tool, so these refinements are welcome - keep 'em coming!


We're working on a number of enterprise implementations at the moment and I cant wait to show the improved quotes tool off.


Cheers, Phil.

Phil Vallender | Inbound marketing for B2B technology companies

First of all, I don't understand why Hubspot didn't inform us about this change before. You said it yourself, it's a huge change that affects not only us - users- but our customers as well. Three things you could have done before: 1. Ask us - your users - if we want this change, 2. Let us know about this change in prior or 3. Make it an optional change (creating a new template while keeping the old one running). 


Secondly, in my opinion, the original look was way better and more professional. My opinion is based on the fact we use long descriptions for products on our quotes and it looked better on the old template. 


As you can tell I am really disappointed with HubSpot on this occasion. It's really unprofessional and poor in terms of customer service. Poor, very poor. 

  1. You need to communicate changes of this significance through MULTIPLE CHANNNELS to your users.  This is a complete suprise.
  2. As this is a suprise, our sales team is now wasting significant time today trying to adapt to this change.  It has broken a number of internal processes.
  3. The template looked bad to start, now it looks worse.
  4. Any change in quotation template impacts our customer.  We sell metal 3D printers.  Our customers do not like comparing quotation revisions, from the same company, that look different.
  5. My evening and morning schedule was completely disrupted by emails and texts from my team.  Getting texts from my team trying to create quotes late at night, and now into the morning!

file-29.jpegI am quite frankly so upset that we will no longer consider HubSpot for a global rollout and will begin the evaluation process for alternative suppliers.




I'm thinking like Tomas... On our side, I am 98% sure that it will affect our closing rate. This update does not make our quotes not clear anymore... It's written so small. We are using a French version and a loooot of words are still in English. If we can turn back to the previous one OR if we can choose the style we prefer, it would be great.


Thanks in advance.


Just one more thing that drives me mad about this whole situation. 


After I reached out to support to get some answers I got told :

" It was not located on the product update page because quotes are not one of our major products." 


This just blows my mind. hubspot response.JPG


That's not an excuse HubSpot. Get your things together. Surely there must be at least one person in the HubSpot HQ who thought it would be a good idea to let us know about this change. 


Are you kidding me!  Let me see, can a customer place a PO with my company without a quotation.  Last time I checked, creating a quotation might be THE MOST IMPORTANT PART OF THE SALE PROCESS.  Getting orders, you know, a major goal of the sales organization.  Can't get orders unless you present a quotation.

HubSpot Product Team

Hi folks -


My name is David and I’m a Product Manager at HubSpot, working on Quotes.


First, I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this change caused, and the lack of communication prior to its rollout.


These changes were made in direct response to various customer feedback we received, but we failed to fully understand the elements of the quote template that other customers, like yourselves, required.


In response to this... Effective later today, we will be rolling back this change and the previous quote design will return for all impacted quotes.


Over the next week, we will be re-introducing the newer design as a separate, optional selection for customers who do wish to utilize it.


Apologies again for the trouble this change has caused - I will post in this thread again once the previous design has been reinstated.




HubSpot Product Team

We have now returned Quotes to the previous design. As mentioned above, when we do re-introduce the newer design, it will be listed as a separate template option instead of a replacement. Thanks again for all of your feedback on this matter.


Hi David,

I have a very annoying problem preventing me from implementing the use of quotes in my sales team. We are a SAAS company and sell both recurring and onetime services.


In hubspot, if I make a quote based on a onetime product of $1000 and a recurring product of $100/month with a 12 month commitment, I will get a TOTAL amount of $1100 which is very misleading to customers.


I want to get a TOTAL amount of $1000 + 12 x $100 = $2200


Is there a work around this bug?



Thank you for reverting and for the apology.  We appreciate the fast response.  This has been a real advantage for HubSpot.  If you'd like input on the quoting template design, from the perspective of a capital equipment supplier (again we sell metal 3D printers), I can get a few members of our sales team together for a call.