31 emails all saying; Contact reconversion by submitting on Collected Forms "#AppEditorForm .validat

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I have received 31+ emails all saying "Contact reconversion by submitting on Collected Forms "#AppEditorForm .validating"".


Upon further research I found this was a log of myself apparently visiting our company website twice every minute for several hours.


I have a pdf version of the email i can send in.


Here is the link to where the emails are sending me;



If you click 'view details' you will see the frequency of pings.



Thank you,



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Hi @CSBlast Not really sure what happened here. The long string of data that appears in the updated property is indeed intriguing.  In your contact record it shows the following:


Nick Paulsen submitted Collected form: #AppEditorForm .validating on #AppEditorForm .validating
Mar 13 at 3:09 PM EDT
When I clicked on  #AppEditorForm .validating  it brought me to this page: 
I submitted the form there, which created this contact record:
As you can see, my contact record correctly identifes the form:
Ed Justen submitt
Ed Justen submitted Collected form: #free_quote on Crystal Soda Blast | Contact Us
Mar 14 at 3:47 PM EDT
So it appears that Collected Forms in now picking up the data correctly. Before digging further into the errant submissions above, do yu have other contact records that show the same "logging" behavior? 
Thank you,
Ed Justen

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