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The power of the lifecycle stage property

Hi there,


In this video, we are going to discuss lifecycle management & the lifecycle property.
The lifecycle property will allow you to know exactly where your customers are along the buyer's journey. Check that video to see how !

In the video, we discuss:

  • 0:40 : What is the customer lifecycle
  • 2:41 : The lifecycle property in Hubspot 
  • 5:13 : The value of the lifecycle property in Hubspot 
  • 5:59 : Where you can use the lifecycle property in Hubspot



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Additional resources in relation to this topic:


Are you using lifecycle stages to segment your prospect & client yet ? If yes, how did it help your business grow ?


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Key Advisor | Elite Partner
Key Advisor | Elite Partner

The power of the lifecycle stage property

@CharlotteJ great video and straightforward to understand the approach HubSpot has on LCS. 


One thing a lot of my clients get confused with is the difference between Lead Status, Deal Pipeline Stages and how they are connected to the LCS. So just in case someone is wondering about that too, I'd like to drop some additional resources:


In short:

The Lead Status is a subset of characteristic of the LCS SQL and if a Deal is open, the associated Contact would be an opportunity. Therefore, the Deal Pipeline Stages are a subset of the LCS Opportunity.


Thank you again for the video.