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Sales Hub Pro - Onboarding step 2 : Set-up and automate your sales pipeline

Hi there and welcome to step 2 of our Community-enabled onboarding program.


If you missed the first step, it is available here.


After working on your database structure, in this second chapter you are going to start digging deeper into the set-up of your sales process within HubSpot using sales pipelines.


It will be a great opportunity to either define or refine your sales process and work on your Customer Journey. Make sure to have the right people involved from a very early stage.


In the next video, I review:

  • 0:48 Sales pipelines
  • 1:14 Customer Journey Map
  • 2:10 4 Sales management pain points



Go to your pipeline!


Links to the content mentioned in the video:

The next video is available here.

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