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Imorting Contacts via CSV file

I tried to import my contacts from outlook via csv file


It only mapped nine properties; however it said I had mapped 10

First Name

Last Name

email address

work phone

mobile phone

Company Name

Company Adress

Company City( would not allow because I had mapped the max 10 )

Company Zip



So I selected import without the company city being mapped. 


only the 

First Name

Last Name 

Email address 

Company Name 


All show contact owner as  unassigned 


Can I delete and try again?

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Recognized Expert | Partner
Recognized Expert | Partner

Imorting Contacts via CSV file

Hey @RMayes, thanks for reaching out!


You do have the ability to delete any records that you just created and then reimport them using a CSV file with a value for "Contact Owner" for each record, or you can simply update the "Contact Owner" value for the contacts currently within the system. This is the best option if there aren't a bunch of unique owners or you can use another value to filter contacts by owner.


Here is the HubSpot Knowledge Base article on bulk editing records (basically just heading to Contacts > Contacts, checking the box in the top lefthand corner to select all applicable contacts, then editing the property values as needed).


If that's too much of a lift, you can definitely edit your spreadsheet accordingly and reimport the record. As long as all contacts have an email address, they should update with any new info (so I don't believe you would need to delete the contacts and then re-add them, unless you really wanted to).


Hope this helps!!

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