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Hints and tips about tasks

Everyone has those days where you are tied up in meetings all day long and your schedule seems almost impossible to manage. Oftentimes it is smaller things on your list that then just fall through the cracks and get lost in your to-do Nirvana.


Here at HubSpot we offer a great solution for this struggle called ‘tasks‘. It is an easy to use tool that helps users to keep an overview of different upcoming tasks, helps them to plan their day accordingly and will enable them to work more efficiently. Tasks also build the foundation for analyzing user activities via reports and dashboards and thus facilitate business decisions on headcount and operative planning. Furthermore they can be used in automation processes such as workflows and sequences.


While tasks are typically used in a sales and service environment, there are a variety of use cases where working with tasks can help. These can range from emails and calls related to a certain contact to more general administrative or internal tasks like creating certain content assets or cleaning your database for example. 


Tasks can be quickly accessed via the sales tab in your HubSpot portal or you could even make taks your default homepage when accessing your portal by adjusting your profile settings.. The task page is generally organized into different tabs to give you a quick overview of upcoming, completed and overdue assignments. You can also filter your tasks by type of tasks, for example, to further customize your view.







Creating a task is also a piece of cake. You can create them on the task page or directly from the individual record. Another convenient option is to have the system automatically create follow up tasks when logging a call or email to a customer for instance. If there are assignments that need to be managed on a daily basis, HubSpot also offers the option to set tasks as recurring events.





Tasks can be associated with different objects such as contacts, companies, deals and tickets and be assigned to a specific HubSpot user. By adding priorities and a due date, tasks can also be set into a timeline to better structure your day to day activities and have a clear overview of various deadlines.


If you have a habit of also adding your to-dos to a calendar, you can automatically add tasks created in HubSpot by connecting your Gmail or Outlook calendar. This will also enable you to create tasks directly from your Gmail inbox, which is awesome when you just read an incoming customer email that requires a follow-up at a later point for example.




By creating task queues you can work tasks back-to-back and the system will bring you directly to the associated record of the first task in the queue. After that it will automatically open the next task/record in your queue. This is a super quick way of reducing your pile of work and will make your life much easier.


Go to your Task tool!


While we probably added a lot of tasks for you to try out features in your portal now, we would also love to hear feedback from you. So feel free to leave a comment or have a look at other helpful posts in our community. 🙂