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Board View Limitation

My firm uses the BOARD view to review the stages of our deals in the pipeline.  Each column represents a stage of the deal.  For some reason, each colum is limited to showing 100 deals.  If i was to see more than 100 I need to switch views to the LIST view.  This is extremely unfortunate and negates a lot of what Hubspot does for us.  It goes from being a simple, easy to use tool to being just another database where I have to look at things in the form of a spreadsheet.  PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE remove the limit of 100 deals per column.   

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HubSpot Moderator
HubSpot Moderator

Board View Limitation

@ASchneider81 , happy Friday!


Thanks for reaching out to the HubSpot Community and providing the feedback!


As it turns out, I can confirm from past discussions that this is currently working as expected. The board view is currently limtied to 100 deals.  It sounds like this might better suited for ideas forum.


I do see that other customers agree that they would love this feature too! We invite you to upvote and follow this idea request here and add your use case to the thread. The more traction idea, the more likely our products team will prioritize. I'll give it a vote as well!


While I know this doesn't solve your need immediately, I hope this helps provide an opportunity to keep giving this idea more visibility.


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