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How to Setup Lead Form Routing & Common Use Cases

In this how-to video@Yourfriend_adam from Remotish, shares how to setup lead form routing in HubSpot to shorten your time to book meetings with qualified leads in a seamless way.


He also covers:

- What Lead Form Routing in HubSpot is

- How to set up Lead Form Routing in HubSpot

- Use cases for when to consider using Lead Form Routing


Have your own tips or tricks with lead routing? Post in the comments below or share your own video.


Is this a Remotish custom form or is this option already available in HubSpot? I tried recreating the form but we don't have the third option (condition/route option).

Is there also an option for meeting booking, without a separate form, just using the booking form, will route the booking to a specific calendar depending on the booking info - ex. If country is US then use US Office calendar.


@LeonardoDVinci it's in public beta, so you'll need to join the beta to see that option. To do that, click your account name in the top right to open the menu and then select "Product updates" or just click copy and paste this url into your browser bar and replace "CompanyID" in it with your HubSpot Company ID (the number that's in every url when you're logged in):

Then use the search bar to find the "Lead Form Routing" update and then you can opt into the beta from there. 



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