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JonPayne on June 29, 2021
One of the best ways to learn sales enablement is by implementing strategies and sharing ideas with other sales professionals, just like you. That’s why we’re so excited to create this community of sales leaders looking to learn and grow better to read more
320 Replies
June 12, 2024 06:32
Hello everyone! I'm excited to be part of this community of sales leaders! Here's a little bit about me: What's your current role? I'm currently more
JonPayne on June 29, 2021
Hey there! Welcome to the Sales Enablement Study Group. The purpose of this post is to walk you through the experience of getting started and how to get the most value out of this Study Group. If you have any specific questions or comments, please r read more
24 Replies
June 24, 2024 23:50
Hi Everyone! I'm happy to join the Sales Enablement study group and grow in learning and community as well! I'm product manager and consulting more
naomi_sked on June 19, 2024
I'd like to have copies of quotes shared with internal team members, currently not possible. Any ideas?
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Recognized Expert | Platinum Partner
June 19, 2024 16:10
Hi @naomi_sked , If you are referring to quotes generated from the HubSpot platform, you could send the link to your internal team members or more
LDebbaut2 on June 03, 2024
Hey Everybody, Want to invite you all to our Live webinar about Hubspot Quotes VS DealHub CPQ Discover Your Ideal CPQ Solution for HubSpot! The choice between a customized Hubspot Quote solution and CPQ can define your read more
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2 Replies
June 04, 2024 04:25
Hi @PamCotton , We are also looking forward to it, See you on the 18th! Laura - Content Marketeer more
YGemayel on May 29, 2024
We create automated deals via a company workflow based on a scheduled meeting type (=demo). Unfortunately, activity-based workflows do not exist, so we can't re-enroll companies based on scheduled meetings. We have more than one deal per company a read more
July 11, 2024 10:43
Hi @YGemayel That's a great idea!
PeterRothman on November 09, 2023
Hey RevOps! Peter here. What are your thoughts on HubSpots new Prospecting tool? How have you been using it? - Is it possible to measure forecasting amounts on the "leads" you are prospecting. - What is best practise in working with tasks and pr read more
5 Replies
Hall of Famer | Elite Partner
November 16, 2023 22:01
I've run into a few frustrations with the new prospecting tool - for example, to mark a lead as qualified you have to create or associate a deal, more
DianaGomez on March 27, 2023
We value your input and would like to invite you to participate in a survey to gain insight into your event preferences. As a sales professional, you understand the importance of attending industry events and conferences to stay current with the la read more
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AHarper9 on February 20, 2023
We want to create an email to send automatically to a person after they book a calendar meeting with us. We currently have the HubSpot meeting calendar embedded on our contact us page, but how to we track these and how could we create an automatic read more
3 Replies
Participant | Diamond Partner
February 05, 2024 04:14
Loved @jolle 's answer for this! Also, if you don't like the 'standard' emails that the meeting link tool sends, you can also create a more
Stefb on February 20, 2023
Hi everyone, I think that would be useful to have deal lists in hubspot. Here the idea that I submitted. Feel free to upvote!
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Participant | Elite Partner
February 21, 2023 07:53
Thank you Mia!
fresh_ny on December 29, 2022
Hello All, This would seem to be a simple setting but I can't find any reference to it. My question is can the filter be set to rememebr my last choice? For example on the Sequences screen, the Owner filter always defaults to " Any ". Everytime read more
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HubSpot Employee
December 30, 2022 11:38
@fresh_ny , happy Friday! Thank you for reaching out to the HubSpot Community! Glad to help here 🙂 It sounds like you're referring more
Anishlakshmanan on December 24, 2022
Hello Community! Never spent time on personlizing my skill, Experiencing it :)-
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Community Manager
December 26, 2022 08:53
Hi @Anishlakshmanan ,hope you are doing well! It is great to have you here 😊 ¡Happy learning! Best, Diana
Rickey33Payne1 on November 30, 2022
Our Account Manager/Customer Success team has to maximize our customer's use of our services. Unlike a typical sales pipeline, this pipeline doesn't end once the customer agrees/pays or the service/product has been delivered. Any best practices read more
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12 Replies
May 26, 2023 16:20
Thank you so much for this info, @stuartbalcombe ! What do you do with upsells and cross-sellings? Do you have an other pipeline?
METHERIDGE on November 03, 2022
This LinkedIn article discusses the importance of Sales Leaders coaching their Sales Reps when communicating in online discussion forums and live Webinars. Check it out:
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Community Manager
November 04, 2022 07:00
Interesting read, thank you for sharing your experience @METHERIDGE ! So true, the first outreach should be well-informed and personalized! more
MLanders on June 20, 2022
Just stopping by as I work my way through the lessons... very nice!
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Community Manager
June 21, 2022 09:12
Thank you for the feedback @MLanders ! 🙂 Cheers Mia, Community Team
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