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One of the best ways to learn sales enablement is by implementing strategies and sharing ideas with other sales professionals, just like you.

That’s why we’re so excited to create this community of sales leaders looking to learn and grow better together!

To get started, say hello and introduce yourself. Here are some questions to help you get started:


  • What's your current role?
  • What industry do you currently work in?
  • How long have you worked in sales?
  • What's one tip you recommend to close more deals?
Jon Payne - Founder & Technical Director of Noisy Little Monkey
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Helloooo everyone!!!


My name’s Josh and I’m the Inbound Manager for Noisy Little Monkey, and I’ve been working @ Noisy Little Monkey for 8 years.


I’d have to say that my sales superpower would simply be making stuff work. From wonky sales & marketing processes to bodged or broken automation, I can fix pretty much anything. 


And finally at the moment I'm currently learning how to upcycle mid-century furniture, because I'm very much a self-proclaimed Bristol hipster. That’s me!


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Hi everyone! 👋


I’m Claire and I’m the Marketing and Events Manager for Noisy Little Monkey. We’re an inbound marketing agency based in Bristol, UK and I’ve been working here for five years.


Want to know what my marketing superpowers are? I’m pretty good at creating content and events which turn strangers into devoted customers and advocates of brands 😍 That, and I’m pretty darn good at networking a room of people (typically by bribing them with food!)


Also, not at all marketing-related, but I’m currently learning the drums 🥁