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Need help closing the feedback loop!

Looking for some outside help for one of my clients, as I'm feeling a bit stuck.
I work with a corporate umbrella brand with an acquisition based strategy... meaning they are consistently acquiring additional brands.
Corporate works hard to generate leads for the brands, but due to the wide degrees of variances between the brands, they can't get feedback on what the individual brands are doing with the leads, or if any of them are closing.
The brands have a combination of no HubSpot, sharing HubSpot between multiple brands, and having very robust and built out HubSpot portals.
To add a layer of complexity, some of the brands also work with outside distributor partners, and they also get sent some of the corporate leads.
How can I close the feedback look for my client?? (See diagram for more details)Diagram of the issue and goalsDiagram of the issue and goals
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Need help closing the feedback loop!

Hi @arickp. Would your client consider a third-party tool like Databox? If you're familiar, no worries. If not, it's a great platform that helps you pull information from various platforms into one dashboard. We've used them before and found a ton of value, plus the UX is terrific. That's how I might think of finding technology to help. Because with so many separate systems, and no process in place to help guarantee data feedback, you may need to pull information. 


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Need help closing the feedback loop!

Hi @arickp,


Thanks for reaching out!


I'll add some experts from our community to get their input.

Hi @NicoleSengers@myles4@danmoyle@GeorgeBThomas - Do you have any advice for @arickp?






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