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Contributor | Diamond Partner

Join the Sales Enablement HubSpot User Group [HUG]

This HUG is specificaly focused on... You guessed it! Sales enablement.

Once a quarter, we rally HubSpot users together to share knowledge about how to optimise marketing-driven sales strategies. Wanna join us? 

You'll hear from HubSpot experts and take part in workshops and discussions with the end goal to make your sales enablement strategy soar.

Hosted by the folks at Noisy Little Monkey (based in Bristol, UK), you can expect an event stuffed to the brim with actionable advice and sprinkled with a little bit of humour. Because learning may as well be fun, right? 


Join the group here.


Up-coming event: Sales Enablement Best Practice Tips To Live By [Tuesday 20th July, 3pm BST)

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