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Anyone here has experience with e-commerce?
I've finally launched my online store got some very cool products and was hoping someone here could guide me a bit or show me where I'm going wrong since I have yet to make my first sale.

1 tiny potential problem; My online store is full on Dutch, since I'm from the north part of Belgium and also built it to distribute in Belgium and the Netherlands.
This is my store - - -

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Key Advisor | Diamond Partner


Hi @JohnVersly - lots of ecommerce experience in the group and I certaiunly have quite a bit. 🙂


Although - I'm not sure ecommerce is where you need the advice just now. I think it's more a search issue.


I've looked on Google & Bing and can't find any URLs for listed.  Now, if you only launched yesterday, this wouldn't be a suprise. If the site has been live for a few weeks, then this is a major problem, since search is where most ecommerce sites acquire most of their customers.


I can't see anything horribly wrong at first glance, so here's where I'd start.

1. Sign up to Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster Tools

2. Once you've verified that you're the site owner, submit your sitemap.xml files. This will tell the search engines where all your content is and that you want it indexed. Your sitemap is here.

3. Think about all the different reputable, quality web sites that could place links to your site on thier pages. If you're a member of your local Chamber of Commerce or a business community, updating your profile there is a good place to start. Maybe some art forums, given your products. Maybe some local press websites? You'll need to do something newsworthy but it's worth thinking about. Why? Because a key way search engines discover and rank content is by following links from other sites. That's also why those other sites should be reputable and ideally, in your sector. There are plenty of people who will "sell" you links. Google and Bing can spot it when this happens and you will likely end up with a penalty, meaning you'll really struggle to get found for ever!

4. Learn about how SEO works - with HubSpot and Moz


Other than that - the site looks good! You have PayPal and good images, so once people find it, you should start making sales assuming people want the product and you've got the price right. I just added a product to my basket and went through the checkout process (stopped when it needed payment) and that works.


I can't speak (or read Dutch) so I can't help with the written content but it looks OK 🙂 


You just need visitors, so go through steps 1-4 and in a few months, you'll be good.


You can short cut the wait for results by also using Google Ads and submitting a product feed to Google Merchant Centre


But that last bit can be quite expensive after a while, so make sure you do the work on your SEO too!


Hope this helps 🙂