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logo missing from email signature

I created a free gmail signature about 6 months ago. This morning the logo dissapeared from my signature.

I have tried to create a new signature with the logo linked to Dropbox, Google Drive and even imgBB.

Each option results in an error message stating, "Sorry we couldn't find that image, please try again".


Is this a temporay glitch with hubspot by any chance?

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Community Manager
Community Manager

logo missing from email signature

Hi @LMartin4,


Thank you for reaching out to the Community!

Could you upload the image to Google Photos and then get the direct image address via a right click, like this: 


Copy pasting this address into the email generator should do the trick. 


If that won't work, I would recommned changing the format (jpeg or png) and the size of the logo. A good first step could be taking a screenshot of the image and trying to upload that.  

Thank you. 



Mia, Community Team

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