general error when sending emails


Bildschirmfoto 2020-09-17 um 10.02.38.pngDear Hubspot Team,

we received a general error today when sending about 50 emails. The error message, see screenshot, affects all e-mails.

To the background:
We send out about 50 sales emails per week. We send them directly from Hubspot with an interface to our Microsoft Office.
All emails were sent from the contact The e-mails are usually scheduled for sending the following day.
The recipients email addresses are direct email addresses, a basic email setting of the recipients against receiving sales emails can be excluded due to the number of 50 emails. Furthermore, spam can be excluded.
Until yesterday the sending was still running without problems.
After consulting our IT department, no errors can be found in our e-mail settings/server.

Please contact us for support.


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Community Manager

Hi @LutzHoloechter ,


I believe the screenshot error says "There was a problem sending your email. This email was not sent".  I'd encourage you to go through this knowledge base article to narrow down the possible reason of "not sent".  [Email error: 'There was an issue sending an email to this contact']


If you won't find any realted reason described in the article, could you please share the links to the page where you get that error message along with some screenshots?

The more screenshots, details and information you can share, the better the Community can assist!