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can not get email set up in HubSpot

I have spent hours going round and round, but no luck.  I think I have it set up, I was even able to configure my 1.png


But then when I click an email address in my contacts, I get a pop up that asks me to set up my email.


email 2.png

(I scratched out my personal email because I am trying to deal with my work email in HubSpot)  So, when I click, I entered my work email, and then this pop-up error came up.

email 3.png No one at my office can help with the issue, and the person on the HubSpot chat offered me suggestions, which I tried, but non of them helped.


I cleared the cache, I cleared the cookies, I'm working in the most recent version of google chrome, I am working in an incognito window.


Any suggestions?  My email address is via, so it should be easy enough.  But, no good has happened today.


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HubSpot Employee
HubSpot Employee

can not get email set up in HubSpot

Hi there @Janeen! The error you're seeing in Outlook may indicate that the inbox itself is an alias, and another email is used to log into Outlook. If you like, reach out to me via Message here on the Community with who you spoke to in the Support Chat and I can touch base with them and dig into this issue a little deeper.