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Julie12 on March 21, 2024
Hello, I saved my signature under Profile & Preferences , but when I send emails, my colleague's signature is sent instead of mine. I tried removing my signature from my preferences, but my colleague's signature still appears at the bottom read more
1 upvote
5 Replies
Accepted Solution
Top Contributor
March 25, 2024 16:48
Hi @Julie12 , Have you checked the inbox email signature setttings?     Check the team signature portion and remove, or add a more
CH3041 on March 15, 2024
Currently our onboarding partner + hubspot help do not quite understand or know how to implement what we need. We're currently on-boarding with hubspot and running into a few issues. Our company use a centralised inbox for ALL inbound and outbo read more
Accepted Solution
Top Contributor
March 18, 2024 14:37
Hi @CH3041 , Thank you for the detailed message. Is your team completely against using the conversations inbox? That will give you much better more
DSurman on March 13, 2024
I'm at my wits end with this editor. Anyone else? -If you highlight the text and change the fonts, it doesn't change, if you highlight the whole thing and tell it to make everything one font and one size, it only changes a few portions. -I read more
Most Valuable Member | Elite Partner
March 15, 2024 12:53
@DSurman great that you found an existing idea, bummer that it's already existed so long and hasn't gained much traction. I've upvoted and more
MikolajK on February 20, 2024
Hello, one of our contacts has been flaged as invalid becouse of hard bounce. Becouse of that, no one can send an one-to-one e-mail on that address, that is actually valid (e-mails sent through exchange works). Is there a way, to somehow restore it read more
1 upvote
7 Replies
Accepted Solution
Thought Leader | Platinum Partner
February 20, 2024 06:44
Hey @MikolajK as Karsten told you, depending on your licence you might not have the option to "unbounce"the contact's emails. BUT let me more
FFriis on February 13, 2024
We use a team inboks and have noticed that some customers replies are not coming throug. It seams that this happens when then reply to the hubspot adress ****=******** Anyone have any idea how this happenes? We have read more
0 upvote
3 Replies
Accepted Solution
Most Valuable Member | Elite Partner
February 13, 2024 19:29
Hi @FFriis it sounds like you have the settings configured properly with the custom reply address and fallback address, can you check some of the more
GGuzman5 on January 29, 2024
Hello, I am having problems seeing my emails in my conversation inbox. Once I open a deal and send an email it does not appear in the inbox and the reply is sent directly to my company email instead of hubspot inbox. Is there any integration that I read more
1 upvote
4 Replies
Most Valuable Member | Elite Partner
January 30, 2024 09:42
Hi Gabriela, The best suggestion would be to create a "team" email that you can send and reply from directly from the inbox so it can be more
NSingh17 on January 03, 2024
When I send emails from my helpdesk inbox, I've noticed that even new emails are getting merged into old threads in HubSpot. This results in a continuous thread, despite these being separate email initiations. In contrast, when sending emails direc read more
0 upvote
1 Reply
Community Manager
January 03, 2024 15:41
Hi @NSingh17 , Thank you for reaching out to the Community! I can confirm that this is not expected behaviour; this article describes how more
KSavchenko on November 27, 2023
Hi! I want to have AI assistant to help me to reply to my prospect's messages in HubSpot > Conversations. I know that HubSpot has AI Assistant in Conversations, but it can only rewrite content that you started to prepare. But it can't draft a read more
0 upvote
1 Reply
Key Advisor | Diamond Partner
November 27, 2023 08:36
Hey @KSavchenko As per my knowledge, this is not directly possible in HubSpot but you can take a look into the HubSpot knowledgebase if more
PAtlan on November 16, 2023
Hi, One of our users is leaving the company, and we need to send an email to all contacts that have interacted with them via email for the last year. I've tried creating a list of contacts based on activities, but the email activities filters don read more
0 upvote
2 Replies
Accepted Solution
Hall of Famer | Partner
November 16, 2023 03:32
Hi @PAtlan , This should do the trick: Adjust the "Activity created by" and "Activity date" according to your requirements. more
AJovovich on August 10, 2023
why I get an error when sending a message from hubspot, and when sending from almost directly, the letter is delivered? Error : There was an issue sending your email. The recipients on this email thread previously bounced, marked this email as read more
1 upvote
1 Reply
Accepted Solution
Most Valuable Member | Elite Partner
August 10, 2023 08:53
@AJovovich because HubSpot sends millions of emails through the system over thousands of customers, it's possible that in the HubSpot system, more
SDevis9 on June 26, 2023
It would be amazing to be able to lock down specific sections of an inbox in HubSpot. For example, we use a support mailbox, and I'd like everything in there to be visible, but for agents to be unable to respond there to emails or forms. So read more
1 upvote
1 Reply
Community Manager
July 24, 2023 08:27
Hi @SDevis9 , Thank you for reaching out; that is a great suggestion and I appreciate you explaining how it would help you out. Currently, more
RSung on May 16, 2023
I use hubspot Inbox as a means to manage inbound and outbound messages with customers. I note that inbound messages show up in the inbox of our webmail; however, outbound messages - both new and replies - do not show up in sent mail. Is there a wa read more
0 upvote
4 Replies
May 22, 2023 13:17
Hi @kvlschaefer , I don't mind questions at all! I appreciate you taking the time to help. We have a business email connected to the the more
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