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Using Line Item Properties in Emails - Help!

Hi all,


I'm trying to create a workflow for where a deal is "Closed - Won" an email is triggered to be sent to the customer, which acts as a confirmation email.  


I want the email to show the line items that are part of the deal, along with some custom lin item properties that I have created (highlighted in green box below).




I tried creating a custom module to be used in the email template using this code:

{% email_each list="deal.line_items" item="line_item" %} 
{% end_email_each %}

However when I try to save the email for automation, I get the following error message:



Can anyone tell me where I've gone wrong and how I can fix my problem?


Thanks in advance!

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Using Line Item Properties in Emails - Help!

Hello @DKhoo ,  I would like to add some top experts to share their thoughts, @piersg @Chris-M any recommendations to @DKhoo matter?


Thank you


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