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Updating a column with data from google sheets

I have a set of 20 google sheets wwhich are sales report. I need to send these sales report to the customers through a hubspot mail campaign. One google sheet is actually associated with 3 or 4 contacts.

On the mails i send i want to add a summary of the sales performance. This summary needs to be personalised. Summary resides in the google sheet and it keeps on changing weekly basis. what I am thinking tyo do is that. create a new field on hubspot for the contacts. Say 'quick sumary' that takes the quick summary that is there on sheets. So that I can add this personalisation token on the mail body.

But problem is that, this quick summary is changing weekly. So i need to get the field on hubspot update weekly. how can be this done?

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Key Advisor | Partner

Updating a column with data from google sheets

Hey @AMason81 the way you've suggested would be the simplest way to do this. Just have each contacts email in one column and the "quick summary" in another beside it. Once you import you can easily map to a custom property for quick summary and it will import under that contact. However as you mentioned this would need to be done weekly to update them. 


To have them auto-update you would need an integration of some sort that automatically sends that data from gsheets to HubSpot. You could try a no code solution like zapier to get this integrated to see if you can set this to automatically send the data each week. You could also build one yourself if you're familiar with apis. 


If you would like someone to build this integration for you either, I know a great team of experienced HubSpot devs if you'd like to drop me a DM and I can put you in touch. 

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