Unsubscribe a contact from sequence

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we have a sequence with two or three e-mails.  We also have a workflow which changes the subscription status from an enrolled contact to unsubscribe from Sales E-Mail. This workflow is started manually. 


When I enroll a contact in this workflow, which is currently in the sequence, the property changes but on the sequence overview the contact isn't unsubscribed. 


When are sequences updated?


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Hi @urban-a,


The metrics around sequences should update about every 20 minutes (click here for more information)If you're still seeing something different than what you would expect to see, please let me know. The more information, screenshots and details you can provide, the better we can assist!



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Hi, thank you for your answer. I will check that. In paralell, I asked the support and they answered me that it is updated shortly before the next e-mail is sent.

I will test what is actually true.


Anyway, the fact that there isn't just an easy solution to drop contacts out of a sequence programmatically is extremely annoying.