Unenrollment or deleting a sequece - what happens to the stats?



I´m using sequence for the first time. Just realised that I don´t want the last step to be finished. I can ofcourse pause the sequence but since I´ll never resume it I´m thinking about either unerolling all the contacts or just deleting the sequence entirely. 


My questions is: What happens to the stats if I A) uneroll contacts or B) delete the sequence? As for now, I can see all clicks and opens in the activity feed. I still want to be able to see this. 


Best, Anna

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Community Manager

Hello @AHolmgren 


A: If unenroll contacts, I wanted to share two knowledge base with helpful information.

  1. Unenroll From Sequence 
  2. Monitor the contacts enrolled in your sequence 

B: If a sequence is deleted: All unassigned scheduled emails will not be sent, all included tasks will not be accepted. You will still be able to see in the activity feed opens and clicks related to the deleted sequence.



I hope this information helps.


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