Unable to send email from shared inbox

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I created a shared inbox under conversations -> inbox -> inbox settings -> email. It is using the connection type hosted email. I am able to send emails to my hosted email provider and they show up in hubspot inbox. However, when I try to respond, it fails with "Unable to send message". I understand hubspot will not be able to send as that email address because I am on the free plan. But I thought it would be able to send from the address "email@subdomain.hubspot-inbox.com". 


Screenshot from 2018-12-09 07-10-48.pngScreenshot from 2018-12-09 07-09-55.png


Update: 2018-12-10

All contacts are showing that emails to them have bounced. This is present for contacts I have never emailed.



 I found documentation that seems to indicate I should be able to send from the forwarded email address. But anytime I try to respond to a message in the inbox with the from address (support@mysubdomain.hubspot-inbox.com) it seems to fail.



Update 2018-12-13:

The question that needs to be answered is, Can I send mail from the address 'email@subdomain.hubspot-inbox.com'?

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I went back to Contacts and selected the contact I created for myself to test sending. I'm now seeing that my account has been suspending for non-compliance or deliverability. The email address I am sending to is my own email, not connected to hubspot and the emails certainly should not be bouncing. It is a valid email address.


There are hundreds of these warnings under the contact. It seems like hubspot got stuck in a loop of some sort trying to send the email.


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