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I ran into this problem about a year ago and just never had time to address it / ask about it...


So emails that are sent through the desktop version of Outlook that have the HubSpot Sales (aka Sidekick) plugin allow for the tracking option. I know that you can universally turn on/off the tracking by default... and I know you can turn on/off the tracking on a per email basis... My issue however is that kind of control doesn't seem to be available when using Maybe I'm missing a setting?


Because I cannot turn this setting off within, I have a large customer that has their servers set to block the tracking pixels and my emails do not go through. Therefore, my entire company cannot communicate with them on a deal using and that is a pain as we have a slew of templates & automations we want to use for better/faster communications.


A year ago, I was instructed by HubSpot to request that part be unlocked / opened up by my customer's IT group... that's simply not going to happen... who am I to dictate their security protocols. Not to mention, it will take a lifetime for this customer to do something as its like turning the Titanic.


Please let me know if anyone has a fix for this... And if there's not one, there needs to be something created. I can only see this problem getting worse with the increased privacy laws coming into place on top of improvements in business security.


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HubSpot Employee

Hi @EgginEgginEggin ,

  Let's dive right in! To start, I can confirm that all emails sent through HubSpot will be logged/tracked. Because we don't have a way of turning this option off, you will want to email your affected clients through an connected inbox where the log/track settings have been turned off.
  That being said, I do certainly see how this could cause an issue for some of our user base. With this in mind, this will certainly be something that we will be looking into this year! Thank you for sharing your experience with our team!

Kevin Campbell
HubSpot Community Team


Thanks for the feedback Kevin. I understand it currently isn't an option / functionality that HubSpot offers at this time. I did create a ticket on this and received that answer shortly after as well because I was highly frustrated that my communications cannot go through.


I can't stress enough how important this type of control is to have. There are no warnings that your email is not reaching your customer like a typical "bounced" email. I don't know how many customers / companies have this setting on their servers unless they call / email me directly, therefore, I cannot quantity what business has been lost. The purpose of most of HubSpot's features is to make the sales process easier and faster. If we are not able to utilize these tools (such as email templates for instance) across all of our customer base with confidence, then I have to find a less efficient solution or change our CRM. Neither are great options, but I cannot wait a year for something like that to happen. Honestly, I'm not even sure how many people truly even use the tracking of emails as it is highly annoying more than helpful.


Either way, I hope to hear updates soon on how this issue is being addressed.