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Starting a sequence with Email, creates Task

I have a sequence that starts with me mailing a costumer. However it creates a Task which I have to manually close. This obiosly dosnt make any sense, is there a way to work around this?

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Contributor | Diamond Partner

Starting a sequence with Email, creates Task

Hi BHörmann,

It sounds like your sequence may have an additional step built in to assign you a task to remind you to email the contact.

In my experience, when you choose the step action "Automated Email" it doesn't also create a task. But there is an action called "Email" which does create a reminder task for you to send an email.
See attached screenshot.
If that's not the case, could you provide a screenshot of what the first few steps in your sequence actually do look like?
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Starting a sequence with Email, creates Task

Hello @BHörmann , thank you for posting in our Community! That's a great question!


I would like to add our top experts to share their ideas @smoore  @Josh @jfreeman any recommendations to @BHörmann matter?


Thank you,


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