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So I want to change the text font and colors in my hubspot signature but how do you do that?

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Hi @OEhrenberg3,


Thanks for reaching out to the Community! 


You have a few options depending on how comfortable you are with HTML 🙂 


I wanted to share this help article with you on how to create an email signature in HubSpot. You will be presented with the font options when you open up the simple signature editor. To change the color of your signature, you would need to use HTML. 


I wanted to share our free email signature builder which allows you to customize your signature without HTML coding experience needed! 


If you have a custom signature and I recommend you copy your signature's HTML and then you can paste the raw HTML into the "HTML" section of our signature tool (explained in the linked KB). Please note that it can be a bit tricky to pull in your signature, because if it's heavily customized, it's not as simple as copy/pasting it and may require coding experience. 


I hope this helps!




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