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I am new to HubSpot and couldn’t find any post directly related to my question. So hopefully someone here can help me.

In Hubspot I see that you organize and list actual email conversations, and several parameters related to this, in a dashboard (property settings). Such a view can e.g. be found under "Sales - contacts".

What I am wondering, is if it’s possible to set up a dashboard, with all the content of the emails we receive.


What we are trying to do, is to take the content we receive within the e-mails, and the attributes we capture there, and add to a filterable dashboard.

In an email, we may for example have 3 attributes that we catch: “Name”, “Age”, “Place”.

We now want to create a dashboard where we could then sort, filter and search e.g. all emails rows that are smaller or larger than “x”, sort them in alphabetical order, or search for ones that contains keyword “y”.

So basically, both filter buttons, and even a search bar for that specific data.

Is it possible to set up such a dashboard within Hubspot?


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Q: Possible to setup a filterable dashboard in HubSpot containing contents of all emails received?


Short A: No. That functionality is not available in HubSpot.


Longer A: n/a


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