Sequences not tracking replys so not unenrolling automatically


Hi, all.


We are sending some sequences at my company and we have seen that sequences are not tracking as they should. It seems like the open rate is working, but the reply rate is not. And some of them are replying... We have to unenroll them manually and as you can imagine that's not what we expect. Plus, in these crazy times, people are leaving their companies, and sometimes the address we got from them is no longer available, so we receive the classic notification "Undelivered Mail Returned to Sender" but they still enrolled in the sequences. That's more people that we have to care about to unenroll them manually.


There is one thing you should know about what we are doing, we have different emails for logging in HubSpot and for sending emails. For example, my mail is and we are sending emails from The reason? security issues. Our CEO decided to implement the highest security standard and he gave us special mails for marketing/sales emails... Do you think that's causing it?


Thank you!

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Hey @jperegrinm!


Could you please check out our knowledge base article on  Unenroll contacts from a sequence this shows the criteria for automatic unenrollment. If these criteria are being met and your sequences are still not unenrolling then it would be best to reach out to the support team with details and examples. Also, please note that out of office replies or emails read as such by your email client will not be unenrolled.


You can call in directly or you can log a callback request and we will call you within 5 minutes.


Heres how to place a callback or you call the number on this page.