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Sending non-marketing automated personal emails



Our website allows visitors to register via an HS form. With each registration, 3 objects are created and associated to each other: 

  • Contact
  • Company
  • Deal

Contacts receive an automatic email confirmation after submitting a form (marketing email that starts based on a HS-workflow).
The associated deal is added to our MQL pipeline stage 'NEW'.


(Q1) The automatic email confirmation is only associated to the contact person and not to the deal and company. Can I set this up differently?


In our process, all deals are manually reviewed.

  1. A deal owner is manually assigned.
  2. Based on deal potential, the deal is moved to our SQL pipeline or moved to MQL pipeline stage 'waitlist'.

Deals we move to stage 'waitlist' do not currently meet the requirements to become a customer with our company. I have set up this pipeline so that I do not lose track of these deals.


Once a deal is moved to 'waitlist' a new workflow starts that sends a HS marketing email to the associated contact.


(Q2) The automatic waitlist emails are not attached to the deal and company. I only see a log 'workflow X started'. I am annoyed that I cannot see the correspondence.


What is your advice?


Thanks in advance!

Bas den Hoed

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Sending non-marketing automated personal emails

Hi @basdenhoed and thanks for tagging, @danmoyle,


Correct, this is currently expected behavior. It's not possible to show marketing email sends on objects other than the contact object.


A workaround here would be sending a one-email sequence instead of a marketing email. This email should then show up on all records. However, this requires a Sales or Service Hub Enterprise subscription:


One reason why this issue arises in the first place is how you're currently using deals and pipelines. @franksteiner79 has written a great summary of how contacts, deals, and pipelines should ideally be used:


tl;dr: It's not recommended to use pipelines for lead management but only for opportunity management. For MQLs and SQLs deals should not be created yet. These should still be contacts and if that was the case, you could see those marketing emails directly on the contact records.


I understand that this might be a big change to how you're currently working but it is also the #1 mistake I see when companies start using the HubSpot sales tools. It's going to complicate reporting in the future and make some use cases harder, require additional steps and require more effort.


If you stick to your current method, keep in mind that moving deals between pipelines will also break many default deal reports.


Hope this helps!



Karsten Köhler
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Sending non-marketing automated personal emails

@basdenhoed the short answer as I've known it is this:

Q1 - When sending a workflow email, it's sent to the contact and does not aut-associate to the deal/company, no. 

Q2 - Same as above. I've not seen a set up where sending an automated email will also associate it to the deal or company. 


I could be wrong. I'll tag a couple of friends to check with them. @Anton @karstenkoehler @Jnix284 @ChristinaKay @chrisworqflow @KSenette4 have any of you all seen this done well? 


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Dan Moyle

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Sending non-marketing automated personal emails

@danmoyle agree with your assessment, I have not found away to associate the automated emails beyond contacts.


@basdenhoed I found this related idea that you could upvote and share your use case for the product team to review.

maka Agency
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Sending non-marketing automated personal emails

@danmoyle @karstenkoehler @Jnix284 

I agree with all of the brilliant minds above, this is currently a platform limitation^ 


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