Sending email without signature?



I'm curious about how people go about this - as it seems like a huge flaw in the system to me?


I've got my shared inbox set up and I understand how to assign to our different users. However, when responding to an email that is assigned to you from the main 'conversations' area, the message you send has no email signature.

This is seems quite unprofessional to me and it means that you have to go directly into the contact to send an email with your signature.


How do people use this in their process? Is anyone else bothered by the lack of unique signature? 

Also, I understand you can add a signature as a 'snippet', however our signature is quite specific and contains images, and I'd like to keep this standardised across all our staff. 


Would really love people's feedback on this. Thanks!

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Community Manager

Hi @bpb_emma,


I did want to draw your attention to this idea in the ideas forum which requests this functionality. It is marked as in planning, meaning it is on the product team's radar for implementation in the future. 


I would recommend upvoting the idea to follow along for any updates from the team as they become available.


Additionally, @rsellman did post a workaround for this matter in this thread.


Thank you,