Sale Hub Activity Feed all Emails being tracked - including ones specifically marked as do not track


I have the Outlook 365 integration in Windows 10 setup with the latest Outlook client installed, and until recently this has been working great with logging and tracking emails when requested. ALL EMAILS are now being tracked but not LOGGED anywhere????

When sending an internal email I switch off track and log settings, delete the BCC tracking code and have the recipients listed as do not log and track in the settings. Yet in the activity feed, I am getting notifications that someone opened the email.  This as far as I am concerned is a data breach. Can someone please help as the person on the chat hadn't a clue.

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Hi @lorraineisgrove,


Thanks for reaching out.

These two articles might be a good starting point for you as they explain how you can diable tracking and add certain domains (e.g. you company domain) to the never-log list.

Take care!


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