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SPF Records Not Verified along with other entries

Hi Team,

We use Office 365 for our emails. In our domain DNs we have other SPF records for our exchange server, Office 365 and SendGrid. We need to have other SPF records so that we can send emails via other systems along with HubSpot. 


When I add HubSpots SPF records the system is failing to verify as it is expecting to match to only HubSpot's SPF records. How do I get around this issue?

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SPF Records Not Verified along with other entries

Hi @Synchro ,

As far as I know, and even chceked, a domain can only have one SPF record:



This single SPF record must include all the servers and services authorized to send email on behalf of your domain. Found some articles how you can combine SPF records to include Office 365, your on-premise Exchange server, SendGrid, and HubSpot:

Hope this helps!

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