Reconnecting sequences after Gmail got disconnected

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Recently my Gmail account got disconnected from Hubspot because I've made an outbound email sequence to a long list of email addresses and I didn't know that I was violating Gmail's regulations.
I want to reconnect my email address, however I'm worried that it will reconnect to these sequences again and Gmail will block my account again.

What's the best practice to deal with this situation?

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Hi @TMalec,


Before re-connecting your email, I'd recommend unenrolling all contacts from your sequence summary pages. (Make sure to do this for all sequences.) After that, there shouldn't be any queued, automatic communication anymore, you can re-connect your account and revise your approach.


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Hi @TMalec ,

I have created many sequences and enrolled quite long lists of contacts to the sequences but fortunately never experienced something like this at all. Go through this thread here: Solved: HubSpot Community - Using Hubspot sequences for cold email prospecting - HubSpot Community , it will give you an idea about what to do or not to do while sending sequneces to contacts. 

I will advise you to follow what @karstenkoehler has suggested to first unenroll all contacts, go through the article I  shared above, take care of the do's and don'ts and then start the sequences again.

Hope this helps!

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