Recent bug: Scheduling emails - error occurred sending email




I just tried to send an email using the Schedule option. When I schedule it for 2 Hours from now it works.


However, if I set a custom time it gives the following error "An error occurred while trying to send this email. Please try again."


This feature was working yesterday. Some recent / update or change on Hubspot must have created a bug. 


When will this be back?


Thank you,


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Community Manager

Hey @ajwolf 


Thank you for your feedback. 


On Wednesday we didn't have any issues reported related to what you are describing, you can check this here


I am wondering if you still experiencing this issue,  do you mind sharing the following information: 


  1. Does this issue occur across multiple browsers? Please share names and versions
  2. Does this issue occur after clearing your cache and cookies?
  3. Does the issue occur in an incognito window?
  4. Does the issue occur across multiple internet connections? 
  5. Screenshots of where this is occurring
  6. A har file during this process

The more information, screenshots and details you can provide, the better I can advise on next steps



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