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Hello everyone,

we created a free test account to get in touch with the features of Hubspot. The tool is really nice but unfortunately we can´t see any incoming Mails. For example if a unknown Customer (not yet in our contact-List) is sending us an E-Mail, there is no notification.

Our E-Mail Account is implemented via IMAP and is working fine for known Users that are replying to an E-Mail sent via the CRM System.


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HubSpot Employee

HI @StR_GbR When you send a tracked email from the CRM or your email client, a 1mb image is added that serves as the tracking pixel. When that image is loaded from our servers, we send you the notification that the message has been opened.  As an incoming message originating outside would not containg this tracking image, we would not have a way to notify you of its presence. It is best to rely on your email client for notification of incoming messages from new prospects.  


Please keep in mind, the CRM is designed to track 1:1 conversations with your sales prospects gained through inbound and outbound methods. Once you receive a message from a prospect, you can send a tracked message in reply to begin the tracking process. 


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