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I'm trying HubSpot for my team, suppose i connect a team email to HubSpot, and each team member has their own account (and company emails) to login to HubSpot,

my questions are:

1. when a customer send an email to, is that means every member can read and reply to this customer?
2. can team members reply to this customer by using ?
3. is it possible to:
only authorize member A and B to read and reply to customer 1,
and only authorize member C and D to read and reply to customer 2?
4. Does HubSpot has any video tutorial to show me how team email works?


can anyone reply to my questions?

thank you very much!

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Hi @ChampionFrank 


[edited to simplify]


Depening on what version of HubSpot you are using you could solve this using the Conversations InboxWith conversations you can communicate with your contacts through email (and live chat).


Also, in HubSpot you can use Teams to set up (simple) permissions on who can see, email or edit which Contacts. In HubSpot you can set it up so your salespeople can View, Communicate or Edit based on the Contact Ownership.


Here's some information about setting up teams:


Here's some information about setting up Permissions:


Feel free to ask difficult questions ;o)