Problems with connecting IMAP email

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When I go to setup and email integration, it says email integration is setup but a) when I send an email from the CRM, it is not showing in my sent items in my email and b) I do not see the history of what was sent to that contact. Also, does CRM show emails only in Inbox or can it show sub folders. Please advise.


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We have exactly the same problem. 

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Hi @robert1 and @MichaelBE


Emails showing in the sent folder will depend upon your email provider, as not every provider supports this functionality. 


In regards to not seeing the history, do you mean that the sent emails are not logging on the timeline, or that the responses aren't logging on the timeline? Any screenshots you can send along would be great! 


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Hi @jennysowyrda,


thanks for reaching out. If you have access, look at my ticket #693191. You will see this was discussed at length with your team, including screenshots, and we were not able to resolve.


We run our own mailservers so we could have made any corrections required, but your team was not able to provide us with mail server requirements or example instructions. If you have any, we'd be happy to give this another shot.


We work mainly with FWD and BCC now, since we dont use gmail and are all on mac os x and cant work with your gmail our outlook plugins. We also work from mobile a lot. While FWD and BCC are nice features, a proper sync would be much more thorough, FWD and BCC does get forgotten sometimes and things slip through.