Not tracking Open Rate on sent emails through Sequence




I have noticed that many of our emails when using Sequences are not being reported as opened unless the recipient opens the email on their smartphone.


For users that open their emails on their computers, their emails do not get marked as Opened even though some may even reply directly to the sent email (We see our Reply Rate increase but our Open rate remains unchanged).


We have tested this internally by sending sequences to our private (non-corporate email accounts). We open the sequence email on our computer, no open rate increase, and then open the same email on our smartphones and we see our Open Rate increase.


How can I fix this issue?





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HubSpot Employee

Hi @pablofer ,

  Let's dive right in! To start, do you have any Contacts outside of your office network whom you know opened the email, yet the open didn't register? I ask because HubSpot will block your internal network's IP from registering some actions (like opens) in order to prevent your team's metrics from be skewed. This is why the opens registered when your team used their cell phones to open the emails. Let me know if this checks out on your team's end!

Thank you,
Kevin Campbell
HubSpot Support