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Need Help with Repeated Unsuccessful Addition of Shared Outlook 365 Acct into Conversations Channel


Hi all


Much respect to Prashanth, Hubspot chat support personnel, for his patience in advising me through this issue.


Main purpose: centralise all my sales and support enquiries in a shared inbox under Conversations. Therefore, add singular Outlook 365 account into Conversations channel.


Actions Taken to Rectify Problem:

- This email address was used as a registered user account. Deleted before addition. This email has not been added before as a channel on Conversations.

- Also deleted this email address as a contact on Hubspot Contacts.

- Also, this email's domain is different from my registered account user domain. I am a Super Admin.

- Browser cache cleared on a different laptop. (3 laptops were used in this attempt, with about 4 hours spent on this endeavour).

- Incognito mode used.

- Deleted Hubspot Sales app on Microsoft Access Panel Applications (the error happened till the app couldn't be removed from this panel). Went into Azure Portal Active Directory to remove Hubspot app instead. Each time an attempt was made, the app is re-deleted in Azure.


Basically, Hubspot takes me through the process in each attempt, lets me sign into Outlook 365 where I approve permissions to access my data, and then it attempts to establish the connection, whereupon it fails miserably.


Hubspot's repeated errors after 9 attempts at adding this Outlook account:

- Email address exists as user account(even after above deletions)

- invalid_client (according to error log)


Much appreciated for any advice y'all can provide. Thank you and stay safe and healthy!

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Hi @jeffrey_seah,


Can you please share screenshots or a video of what you are experiencing and where you are getting stuck? 


Are you looking to connect your inbox as a shared inbox within HubSpot, or as an individual inbox


The more information and screenshots you can share, the better the Community can assist!


Thank you,



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