My contacts are not receiving my emails


When I send an individual email to my contacts (from the contacts tab) - it is not received.

I have done several tests on different computers.

I used the email I purchased along with the domain.


Can I get your support? Thank you!





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Hi @RTufaru!


Couple of basic questions to help us get started:


  1. Did you try to send to multiple types of domains: corporate, gmail, yahoo, etc.?
  2. Did you check Inbox, Spam/Junk, other folders?
  3. How much time did you wait to see the email?
  4. Any errors or bounceback messages?
  5. You can bypass Hubspot and send these same email direction from your mail account successfully?

Thanks for adding more information. We'll do our best to help you.

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Hi Crystal, 

1. I did try to send to multiple domains. 

2. I would like the email to end up in the main inbox and yes, I checked spam etc.. nothing and I did send more than 10 emails and several tests

3. We waited a few days before contacting the tech support only to make sure that we waited enough time 

4. nope

5. yes I can but the reason why I want to send the email from the CRM contact itself is that I want my team to implement a lead generation strategy so I have to make it work from the CRM! 🙂 


I hope I answered. looking forward to continuing the conversation and receiving the support. 

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Hi @RTufaru,


Email deliverability is sometimes a mystery. It's hard to identify the one cause for the issue. Since you tested a few things already, the receiving email clients are probably picking up HubSpot's tracking and filtering these emails out before they get to the inbox.


HubSpot is tracking emails by embedding an invisible one-pixel image into the email message once it is sent. If the recipient has a very strict spam filter where they block any images or link tracking from loading in emails, your tracked email could be filtered as spam, see here.


Is there an Email hard bounce reason provided for these contacts? (You can check by navigating to the contact record, clicking View all properties in the left sidebar and searching Email hard bounce reason.)


It would be very unusual if these emails do not bounce nor end up in the spam folder.


There are some steps your contacts can take to improve delivery of your emails, for example moving the email out of spam or junk folder (in case they went through) or asking the contact to work with their IT team. Far from ideal since they require action from someone that you're just reaching out to.


Usually the only alternative is send these emails as plain emails – no tracking. That's the next thing I'd try and check. I'd assume that the issue does not persist when you disable sales email tracking.


Best regards!

Karsten Köhler
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