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Multiply Mails show in one conversation

i sent an email to multiple clients (BCC). I got replies from several emails. Now in my hubspot inbox it shows all the reply emails in the same conversation.  Its hard for me to keep track and reply a single client as it shows all the replies listed below each other. 
Any suggestions on how to solve this issue? 
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Multiply Mails show in one conversation

Hi @AAnda,


Thank you for reaching out to the Community! 


As @EmmaWashington mentions in her reply to this Community post, HubSpot is generally not able to record email addresses in the BCC field and won't log the outgoing email on the contact records. Additionally, all of the replies in the conversation/thread will be marked with the same threadID, which effectively makes them part of the same message group. 


While it's not possible to reply to specific threaded emails in the Conversations Inbox (just to the last reply in the thread), you can try the following workarounds: 

  • When you reply, expand the email editor and remove all the e-mail addresses that you don't want to send the update to. Before you send the email, you can also manage the email associations in the bottom right corner of the email editor. 


Screenshot 2021-05-31 at 17.19.21.png


  • If you receive a reply, navigate to the contact record and reply to the email from there. If you click on "View thread", you will also be able to reply to other contacts from the thread: 

Screenshot 2021-05-31 at 17.34.10.png



To keep the data and the conversations in the CRM organised, we advise to use the email marketing tool for mass emailing or sending one email at a time. If you're often sending similar content, you could also create a template and send it from individual contact records. 


I hope this helps! 



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