Mobile app on Android is missing CC/BCC fields on the email template!!

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Hi Folks, 

I was shocked to discover that the Android version (2.0.327) of the HubSpot APP where the email is missing CC & BCC fields!!   However, the IOS version has these fields!


This can't be right!  I tried to see if the problem is with the Templates, but that was not the case and I did not have these fields in the templates as well. 


Do these templtes have to be created on a browser version 1st?!!   Any suggestion or hints would be apprecited.  

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Hi @dhmorta01 ,

  To start, I can confirm that your findings are correct. It is not currently possible to CC or BCC additional email addresses within the Android version of the HubSpot Mobile App. Adding this option to the Android version of the App is however on our roadmap! We are activly working on on this function and it should be rolled out by late Q2 of this year!

All the best,
Kevin Campbell
HubSpot Mobile Specialist