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Hi Hubspot,


We launched our company and are using Hubspot.

Everything is great but what are you waiting for to integrate Exchange as email connecter (like gmail or imap).


As a pro tool, that should be existing.

Hope we ll get an update soon with good news.


Michael, Brussels

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Hi @micleiden_BE . You can now integrate Exchange through IMAP.  Click here to read the technical requirements for using IMAP. Click here to find out how to find your IMAP settings. Click here to learn how to connect Exchange your inbox via IMAP.


While a direct integration with IMAP may be on the roadmap for the future, you must now use IMAP.









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Hi. Thanks. I knew it and we tried but it fails as hubspot api auto-batch once a night and switch automatically the exhange account under imap settings into a G suite connection. Which doesn’t allow to send email anymore. I sent a feedback about it and the Support told me they saw the issue but tol busy to fix it. #Frustration