Manually sent email to client recieved twice, only one record in client actions history


On Aug 26 I've sent 5 mails to clients of a certain comapny on same mail service.
As the clients being third party, I could not provide certain details on their side, thus in each of Clients / Contact history I could see the only one email I've sent to each of the 5 clients of the list.

Clients have reported recieving emails twice and asked to fix the issue, thus couldn't find any mentions / records of mails being sent twice

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Community Manager

Hello @OMOH_PA,


When the email was sent twice, was it sent from inside your inbox outside of HubSpot but logging and tracking on, or the email was sent in HubSpot from a Contact record?

Are you also able to reproduce this behavior if you test an email sent?


For us to investigate more could you please ask from the contacts a screenshot of the email being duplicated and collect the header of the email?

After collecting this information, could you please send me a private message with the details and I will continue investigating more about it.







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