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Incorrect Emails Bouncing

I send one-to-one emails (not marketing campaigns) to Contacts and sometimes the address is wrong. My Outlook email inbox is connected, so I get notified through my Inbox. But is there a way HS can also notify me and record it in that individual's contact record for future reference?

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Incorrect Emails Bouncing

Hello @blarson_forrest,


When your contact is bounced, you will see a message inside the contact record in HubSpot.

And yes, you can remove hard bounces if you know that an email is valid.

This article here explains more about it.


I would also like to mention that HubSpot does not provide list cleaning services as a permission-based sender. It's recommended to remove inactive subscribers, consider a re-engagement campaign, or engage a third-party service scanner to clean your list.



I hope this information helps.



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